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“It was a privilege to work together with Cathy. With her background first in the business and later in compliance she is capable to find the right approach and come to quick and good decisions without unnecessarily hurting the business. She has built up an impressive knowledge about banking regulations, more specifically compliance related ones and she is maintaining this knowledge very well and knows how to interpret them. She maintains an open relationship with the regulator and is actively involved in helping to develop good regulations. She is a fine manager / leader with heart for her people who do appreciate her very much. The same can be said about colleagues in the business(and elsewhere in the organisation). All in all Cathy is one of those people you seldom find and who help to make working a pleasure instead of a burden.”

“I have worked closely with Cathy during the period that we were both part of the European Staff Council of ABN AMRO. Cathy is a dedicated person, who is easy to work with. Cathy is smart and together with a good doses of humor she is able to make difficult topics easy to discuss. Her latest achievement for the ESC was, together with the Council, the delivery of a good opinion document , that was entirely embraced by the management. Cathy will be missed in the Council..”

Cathy is an experienced finance professional who always contributes more than the role asks for. She has proven success in developing a team and always received very positive feedback from the people that worked with her. Cathy has proven experience as a seasoned professional Compliance Officer, and one I enjoyed to work with.

“Cathy is a very capable and knowledgeable (non)Financial Risk manager who is able to see the ‘bigger picture’ whilst having full understanding of all relevant details. Cathy takes decisions swiftly and is able to balance relevant priorities. She has a good sense of commercial-business priorities and this enables her to fully understand the areas of risk. In addition she is very personable and has a great sense of humour. Working with Cathy full-time has been a distinct pleasure.”

“I worked with Cathy for over a decade and watched her develop within a number of diverse and senior roles both customer facing and internal. She showed not just the professionalism associated with those roles but also brought her personality to each role and a huge degree of empathy and emotional intelligence. Cathy is a delight to work with and I am sure that whatever the challenge of the next opportunity she chooses to take on she will thrive and her employer of choice will reap the benefit.”

“Cathy Lloyd is a very talented senior Compliance Specialist & Manager. Being Head of ABN AMRO Compliance Guernsey she proved every day making the difference in attitude and knowledge. Cathy is a strong contributor to the culture of the organisation. Takes care of colleagues and is motivated to improve teams every day again. I can highly recommend having an interview with Cathy and I am a supporter for her next position as a reference.”

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